Author Topic: I will give somone one of my 3 domains if they can help me with my script  (Read 7822 times)

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Hello I have seval domain names and the one having trouble with is

I have 3 adult domain names and Im willing to let who ever can help me setup my script correctly setup and keep all the traffic and comissions.
I can only let you take the domain for how ever you like.  I cant give it to you because I have a business partner and they belong to him.  But use it for however you would like to make some money...

Im 29 years old when I was 16 my friend and I started TGP and we would generate 30 to 50 visits everyday.  The times have changed and I know php to a point but I just cant seem to get the script...

If anyone is feeling anxious to get started here is my account info:   (This works for bother femdomleather and adultsexswing)

UN: fem772
pw: strait8up

username: sexswing
Password: strait8up

My password for RSTGP and Script Pulse is the same as above
danknet is scriptpulses username

If your interested please email or call me...


FOR THE PEOPLE WHO THINK IM STUPID FOR GIVING OUT MY LOGIN INFO ITS OK.  I have Webmaster Reseller account i can terminate the site if some tries to sabatoge.  So if you want a free site help yourself...

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you still working on the sites?