Author Topic: Want to install and run tradepulse on my sites...need help...will pay :)  (Read 7379 times)

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Hello, I have tradepulse installed on one of my sites, but it is not running at all. I have other sites that I own, and would like to install and impliment tradepulse on.

Basically, I am asking if someone is willing to take the time to give me a crash course on how to use it, and how to get the best results from it.

One of my sites has a tgpx script on it, along with a tradepulse script but the tgpx script is custom and i do not know how to use it to it's fullest cuz I have no contact with the web developer anymore. The other sites do not have scriptpulse on them, and are readily open to use. They currently generate pennies here and there from the mobile site along with other sites, but nothing to write home about :)

what i m looking for is someone who is able to take me under their wing and guide me, for a fee, and show me the ropes that I have been missing.  feel free to contact me here or via email: for further info.


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icq 167836282

this guy can help you out.