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Enhance Feed System functionality
« on: January 02, 2012, 10:50:20 PM »
I know you guys have your hands full but I thought I'd mention some ideas for consideration if time ever allows.

(In order of priority)

1. Add check boxes to the 'Feed' system trader allowing it to take clicks from Galleries or Trades. (so we can control this)  The subsequent percentage would then apply based on that which is checked.  For example maybe I want to specify "Send 10% of gallery clicks to a broker" or "Send 5% of trade clicks to a broker".  There is actually a considerable difference. ;)

2. Allow ways to specify that different things like Nocookie, Proxy, NoImg are not sent to the feed (broker).  I think I read that it does not differentiate now based on a post on the forum.  I may be mistaken.

3.  Allow some sort of setting or rules to limit better what click #'s are sent to "feed".  For instance maybe I don't want to send to feed anyone who hasn't clicked already at least 3 times and got a gallery previously.  The idea being to give them a chance to buy at your site first and then send them off only if they have already had the chance.  This would help maximize profits from pay site sales while still selling traffic.

4. Maybe offer ways to restrict certain trades (system or normal) from sending to 'feed'.  For instance maybe I don't want to send SE surfers to a broker.  I guess this ties in a little with #2.

Thanks for the consideration.  My apologies if these are already there and I missed it or misunderstood how something works!

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Re: Enhance Feed System functionality
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2012, 11:40:51 PM »
1-3 are great suggestions for the feeder sytem