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Trade Pulse Support / CRAZY DISCOUNTS - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2015
« on: December 30, 2014, 05:11:10 AM »
Dear clients and friends, as each year we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are of course running holiday promotion. We will double money what you add to your ScriptPulse account. Yes, thats right, send $100 and we will fund you with $200. We are also running special offer for unlimited TP licence for price of $999. Offers are valid till 10.1.2015.

Trade Pulse Support / How to get MAX out of new algo - PLEASE read
« on: March 11, 2012, 02:09:28 PM »
We added new algo with latest tp build, it is similar to algo we will use in tp2(which will be bit more advanced, accurate etc).

To get MAX out of it, please set daily and hourly cap to your trades to some normal value, I recommend that none of the trades don't get insane return.

Also if prod from your trades is low(below 110%), go to settings/out and set maximum clicks to count from each user to 15(instead of current setting which is 5).

Also if possible sort toplists by CLICKS.

I hope some of you will do this and report me results on new algo!

Trade Pulse Support / How to deal with TP hack
« on: March 05, 2012, 08:00:30 AM »
Ok guys, today we release new update.

First of all, check that tp/tpupdater.php is 14722 bytes. If it's not download , upload it to your site and update your script!

Next, follow instructions here:,1483.msg5755.html#msg5755

and LOCK your TP!

When all that is done please ask your host to scan your server and clear all shell exec scripts!

I hope now finally, we solved hacks on couple of infected clients servers :)

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.9 build 44
« on: March 05, 2012, 07:51:06 AM »

1) new algo - TradePulse2 - I won't speak much about, give it a try...on ALL sites we tested it on - we saw growth from 10% to 400% - it FUCKIN ROCKS! New algo is selected BY DEFAULT when you update. Please try it out, it MUST grow your site!
2) spiders are now sent 100% to content and not counted in case they go to trades - there is NO POINT to send them to trades - it kills effect values etc
3) lock.php and unlock.php - read below
4) removed p2 and p3 from out settings and algo - they ruined delivery, affected it in negative way
5) faster delivery of forces - forces are now delivered 3x faster, we made it TOO SMOOTH before
6) new boost behavior - you can set either 1 nitro boost or 2 high forces, this is security measure so that you dont kill your site
7) we made editable couple options in settings/out/modifiers
8) We set default count clicks from user to 5, since 5 is ideal number for our new algo to work.
9) We set traffic quality all country groups to 10 to give you MAXIMAL traffic. U can easily set it to good: 10, normal: 9, bad:5 as it was before

Bug fixes:

1) Blacklist nameservers issue
2) n/a alexa stats
3) Start trade in PulseTrades
4) Problem with blank admin pages for some servers
5) New trade email
6) Niche/owner with space problem - this was reported as bug but we tested and it works fine - it must be local problem
7) Copy trades to other sites - same as above

lock.php and unlock.php

What is it for?
It is used to LOCK TradePulse files, so they cant be edited. It is security measure so that in case hacker installs shell exec script or found any other way to change your files - you are safe - he can't do it! Hacker can change your files when they are locked just by a) getting your ftp username/pwd or root access b) if you use suphp - so basically just in case your general server security is not good and with 0 day exploits. Make sure before you lock your files that tp/tpupdater.php is 14722 bytes. If it's not download , upload it to your site and update your script before LOCKING!

How to use it?
Ask your host/admin/you to login as root, cd to tp directory on each of your TradePulse domains and execute script like this:
Code: [Select]
/usr/local/bin/php lock.php user:group
and all TradePulse files will be locked

When you wanna update your script, host/admin/you needs to run unlock.php again on each of your TradePulse  with root access
Code: [Select]
/usr/local/bin/php unlock.php
so that web update can write to php files - othervise you will not be able to update your TradePulse. After update again LOCK files.

With this method, we locked files and SOLVED all security problems. It is just couple minutes to do each cpl months when we do updates and it is 500x more secure! We recommend all users to LOCK their files.

Comments, suggestions, questions?

P.S. we added 1 more file to update with 4 hours delay, we decided to include new faster version of c.php. I hope its not big problem :). We also RECOMMEND to reset trade stats, so algo can work from 0.

First of all: Your site is not affected except U updated in last 12 hrs!!! But U still need to do MANUAL update to next build otherwise you will be affected! If U updated in last 12 hrs then you can get unofficial updates(not ours)! YOU MUST DO THIS UPDATE SINCE NO FUTURE UPDATES WILL WORK!!! Please read entire post.

This morning phone ringed, I woke up and it was kildoozer. We had major problem and we still have it!

Amazon somehow managed to screw up our account and now instead of "bucket-folder which is actually url for ScriptPulse update files" belongs to SOMEONE ELSE!

I've spent entire day on telephone(over 300$ of phone bill) with their "support", 2 hours I was on 2 phones in same time. After 500 checks of our account, repetitive spelling of username, verification of all possible data, explaining how we have many clients who can be affected by this their support told me: "We can not do anything about it, bucket is not in your account - it will take weeks till U get it back."

I gave them all info, I shown them our script, explained them how system works, told them billing info, username, passwords, spoken with 15 people over there. It was just forward/forward till finally they told me it can't be solved. I am writing this intro to tell you how disappointed I am with amazon s3 hosting, how they could solve this in 1 minute, they can see all in front of them and they simply DON'T care. This was my lesson obviously, and probably it will hurt our business a lot - but I learned one thing -> never host where U can't control it. PERIOD!

I don't understand what we done wrong but last 2 months it is nightmare for us. First we had issue with our hoster, then amazon services messed files on 1.1.2012. and then today again we lost url. Fuckin incredible. I was so happy yesterday after I saw new algo we are preparing for some time now. I was so happy yesterday to se first screenshots of TP2 go live. I was so sad today I can't do SHIT because they DON'T CARE!

Anyway, solution is simple. Now we will host update files on MANY servers and if something wrong it cant be wrong on ALL of them. Since servers are ours we can change what is broken easily.

All users must update ASAP their scripts doing following:
1) Download this file
2) Extract and upload file to "tp" folder
3) Run updater in your script or run file directly calling url

That would be all, I know it's pain in the ass to do this manually, but this is only time we asked you to do something manually. After all we brought web update to Trade Scripts :).

New installations are not affected since new installer from new location is already out.

If there are any issues U can contact or If U are too lazy we will even do update for you just send us ftp and tp logins.

I really hope guys U understand this is not our fault, we did our best. Sometimes simply it's not all in our hands. Lesson learned, we continue to improve and looking forward to TP2 release ASAP(it will be free to update).

Comments, suggestions?

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.7 build 40
« on: November 04, 2011, 12:26:27 AM »
Fixed bugs:
- Adding sites to network.
- mass edit system trades
- SOP synchronization (bug with variables.php)
- stats for dynamic skim feature
- network stats

New features:
- Niches/owners selection for network synchronization
- Files' scanner (menu Tools -> Scanner)

In this version we are also taking 2% of FREE SKIM traffic as explained in thread here:,1356.0.html

Dear friend(client)'s, our request here is both reasonable:



Clean profit from 1% which we currently skim for free versions wen't down to around 50% of what was before and is not even close what we deserve for our work.


If we adjust skim on free versions to 2% you will NOT notice it in sales/revenue and we will:

- have MUCH more time and motivation for future development of script, functions, optimizations of code, security and interface design development

- have MUCH more time in general on daily basis to support our clients and work/invent new features

- get adequate payment for our work

- keep free versions FULLY FEATURED with ALL ADVANCED features you and your site needs (and you know there is TONS of them)

- keep PAID versions at 100$ recession price

We really hope that you will support us like we supported our clients with answers, solutions, free feed traffic, TOP PRODUCT, innovations, ideas, speed and reliability for years (not to mention that we were only script to cut down prices more then 50% when ADULT web masters had HARDEST time over recession + prices are still LOWERED).

No matter if you support us or not, Trade Pulse will continue to grow and will STAY market leader in features/possibilities/ease of use and installation. After all we are all part of ScriptPulse family.

Thank you for reading this and we hope you will give us your support.

Best wishes, Kildoozer & ipolic

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.7 build 38
« on: October 14, 2011, 06:23:07 AM »
Bug Fixes:
- Detailed stats now displaying values for 24 hours
- Mass edit daily IN threshold
- SE keywords in detailed stats fix

New Features
- Count or not nocookies (out settings)
- Reason of non-counting in the detailed stats

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.7 build 37
« on: October 13, 2011, 10:56:54 AM »
Bug Fixes:

- Issue with SKIM on free versions is patched.

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.6 build 36 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!
« on: October 13, 2011, 02:30:37 AM »

This is one of our MOST IMPORTANT updates ever. We increased security levels inside script code to MAXIMUM and if we found any more things to solve we will patch it as soon as possible. We also are now using ioncube as encoder so now you do not have to worry with outdated zend optimizers, system compatibility and PHP 5.3 issues caused by ZEND OPTIMIZER!

About migration from Zend Optimizer (ZO) to IonCube:

All TP versions older than build #35 can be updated max. to #35 which is still ZO powered. Upgrading to IonCube is only possible from build #35. Updater at #35 will check your server's compatibility with our IonCube encoder and if it's ok you'll be able to update to #36, which is IonCube powered.

Possible issues ans solutions during this update.
If something goes wrong with IonCube version you can always downgrade to #34 (ZO). Just run and make the update.

You can use also which has ability to upgrade to ZO or IonCube versions.
So, builds 1-35 are ZO, 36-... are IonCube powered.


You can update via mass updater only to BUILD 35.

You need to use normal update (for each domain do manual update) to build 36. This is ONE TIME only because of transition zend to ioncube. After you are on build 26 all future updates will work over network update!

If you have a problem with this update, contact me directly at

New Features:
- Increased security
- Powered by IonCube.
- New out settings - count or not clicks and outs for Fast, Proxy, No img, Filtered, Spiders sytem trades.
- Added cannonical tag for SEO purposes. So if people land on your site with variables ?x= in url, ssi_in.php now AUTO adds canonical tag to original url(without x?= variables). This will HELP for seo purposes because search engines will not list anymore those urls with x as duplicate pages. It will not be HUGE difference but it can only help.

Bug Fixes:
- Bug with group '0' for new trades

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.6 build 35
« on: October 13, 2011, 02:24:19 AM »
New Features:
- Newest GeoIP country database.
- New script updater.
- Preparing for migration to IonCube version of TP(1.0.6 build 36).

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.5 build 25
« on: April 05, 2011, 01:48:20 AM »
- Bug with boosts ending
- Bug with 'Delayed' trades (no more possibility to set such status manually)
- Bug with toplist conditions

+ Small improvements

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.5 build 24
« on: November 25, 2010, 05:38:13 AM »
This update is just BUG FIXES for latest build!

Bug Fixes:
1. Multi site stats - bug with checkboxes and empty values
2. Sync. bug
3. Ratio changed from 130 to 100 for self added trades (new trades settings)
4. 'Start clicks' in admin stats bug
5. 'Free force' mass edit bug
6. Auto-deletion of log file 'dyn_log.txt'
7. Time limits for network operations
8. Fixed stats for 'feed' trade
9. Fixed 'blank' admin page for some servers' configs

Trade Pulse Change Log / TP Version 1.0.5 build 23
« on: November 03, 2010, 02:30:39 AM »
New Features:
1. New stats @ network stats
2. Network sync to more easily sync settings over network of your sites
3. 'skim' trader in system trades stats. It shows how much we skim from free copies.
4. Multisite registration form, you can allow people to signup on multiple sites from 1 site's trade.php
5. Editable templates for email notifications in settings/new trades
6. Default values of "use external info" for trade form and self-added trades
7. Trades autostop, depending on admin setted conditions, you can set it in edit trade window.  
8. p1,p2,p3 data in layout so you can see it in statistics
9. Displaying site's stats anywhere using javascript code (useful for webmaster pages etc)
10. source checker, you can see it in info box for each trade
11. Feed trader is system stats, so you can send defined percentage of total clicks to TRAFFIC BROKERS.

Bug Fixes:
1. toplist conditions bugfix

Please keep in mind we are already working on new interface and current interface is now bloated with all new expansions in features of Trade Pulse, that will be SOLVED in new interface, together with some confusing descriptions options etc. I hope you all understand that there is no point in making all adjustments now then again on new interface.

I will soon release some screen shots and I really hope you will help us out to make perfect interface with your suggestions.

Trade Pulse Support / Tutorial: How to redirect trades to different faces
« on: October 27, 2010, 06:17:08 AM »
I am writing this simple tutorial since many of clients asked me how to do this so I hope it will be helpful to at least some of you.

1) Check if exist, if not make empty file tp_in.php, upload it to your site root, chmod it 777 or 666 and update your Trade Pulse.

2) Go to settings/in and set correct index file name of your site, index.shtml, index.php or whatever it is inside Default main page field and check Include main pages (if possible) instead of header: (Location..) if it's not already checked.

3) Wait 1 minute if your site has traffic or if it doesn't simply wait 1 minute and load

4) You should be ready for final test now, load and see if it works, if you see normal index it means all is fine.

5) Edit your .htaccess file, or simply create new one in for example notepad, and make it's contest or add this line on top of existing code:
Code: [Select]
DirectoryIndex tp_in.php index.shtml index.html index.php index.cgi
That's it, setup part is done.

To assign different faces to different trades simply edit trade and set Redirect to URL field to url on your site where you want that trade redirected.

* You can use normal ssi_in.php (PHP or SSI) include together with htaccess method!

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